No Split Decision C7 Corvette Goes Retro!

So with the acknowledged success of the Camaro, and even the Mustang, one thing is clear to the automotive industry: retro is back, in a big way. And with the pending redesign of the classic American sportscar, the Corvette, slated for 2012, many Chevrolet car fans and Corvette owners are asking an increasingly pressing question what does the future (or in this case, the past) hold for this brand-leading icon? And how do current Corvette owners satisfy their retro-car thirst in the meantime?

From the standpoint of pure anticipation, there’s much speculation but little hard fact to go on at this point regarding the C7. But recent revelations seem to indicate that Chevrolet will try to duplicate the success it has had with the Camaro by drawing upon the Corvette’s illustrious design history. In fact, as recently as September the head of global design for General Motors, Ed Welburn, was quoted by Inside Line as saying that the split-window design seen on the Corvette Stingray concept in the second Transformers movie is something he “expects for the next Corvette.”

For Chevrolet car fans, this is a tantalizing glimpse into the mind of the man responsible for the Camaro, and who also holds sway over the future of the ‘Vette. What then, do you do if you thirst for a retro look and feel from a ‘Vette you already own while you are waiting on the release of the C7?

If you’re saving your pennies for the rumored 2012 release of the redesign, you might satisfy your retro-car thirst by adding an aftermarket product to your ‘Vette like a muscle-car sounding SLP Corvette Exhaust to give you a muscle car look and sound without burdening yourself with a new car payment. Or if you have a truly retro C4, you could get the benefits of modern engineering with a Corvette C4 exhaust and get the best of both worlds.

So while many hold their breath and wait to see the first spy photos of the real prototypes, they can enjoy the rich design history and the improvements of modern engineering on current and past generations of Corvettes – waiting, of course, on the C7.

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