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No Split Decision C7 Corvette Goes Retro!

So with the acknowledged success of the Camaro, and even the Mustang, one thing is clear to the automotive industry: retro is back, in a big way. And with the pending redesign of the classic American sportscar, the Corvette, slated for 2012, many Chevrolet car fans and Corvette owners are asking an increasingly pressing question what does the future (or in this case, the past) hold for this brand-leading icon? And how do current Corvette owners satisfy their retro-car thirst in the meantime? From the standpoint of pure anticipation, there’s much speculation but little hard fact to go on at this point regarding the C7. But recent revelations seem to indicate that Chevrolet will try to duplicate the success it has had with the Camaro by drawing upon the Corvette’s illustrious design history. In fact, as recently as September the head of global design for General Motors, Ed Welburn, was quoted by Inside Line as saying that the split-window design seen on the Corvette Stingray concept in t

Audi A3 Quattro Sport Super Slick Auto Transmission

For the second generation of A3, Audi has tried to get further away from the Golf in styling. Both share the same under body, and the original A3 looked like a Golf with a low roof. Not so the new one. It has a distinctly different look, even though the straight lines and rectangular grille are not that distinctive. The suspension has been developed to give a more sporty feel than on the Golf, and the interior reflects the more opulent style of other Audis. The new car is 2.5 inch longer and 1 inch wider than previously. The roof line is also lower, so the seats have been lowered as well to give plenty of headroom. This lower roof and more sloping back make it look different from the Golf. Top of the range, and definitely a pocket rocket, is the 3.2 quattro Sport Audi A3, which has a six-speed manual box as standard but the stunning DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox) automatic as an option. On the 2.0 liter model, there is also a conventional six-speed automatic with Tiptronic control. Ultra-c