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Super Compact Sports Car Lotus Elise 111R

Pedigree tells, they say, and the Lotus Elise 111R has a terrific pedigree. Colin Chapman, the founder of Lotus Cars, invented the concept of lightweight sports cars and racing cars that could literally run rings round the competition with much less power. Not only that, but in the days when Colin Chapman ran the company, Lotus made a string of innovations, including the first monocoque Grand Prix car, the stunning ground effect cars, not to mention the backbone chassis and unique methods of making large glass fiber moldings. The latest Lotus, the Elise, lives up to its pedigree. It is very light, it handles beautifully, and has a unique frame. Here is a sports car with such fine handling braking and acceleration it is really a tiny supercar. Lightweight frame Lotus Elise has a lightweight aluminum frame with glass fiber composite panels. Most manufacturers who use aluminum extrusions use them with castings welded together into a frame. Lotus developed a method of adhesively bonding th