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Honda Accord, Luxurious And Charming Exterior Design

After a while ago reviewing one of the lower-end luxury sedans from Honda, the Honda Civic, now is the time to revisit the high-end luxury sedan made by Honda, the Honda Accord. It is known that the first generation of Honda sedans entered Indonesia since 1978. And for now the ninth generation has been produced in 2013, the Honda Accord.  The target market for this luxury sedan includes a very exclusive market segment so that only certain high-class cars can experience this Honda-made car. Even with this market segmentation, it makes the Honda Accord worthy of being aligned with various other premium cars circulating in Indonesia. Now for more details, see the full review of the Honda Accord below.  Unlike its younger brother (Honda Civic), which has smaller dimensions and is priced at under half a billion rupiah. The Honda Accord is arguably a luxury vehicle in all its aspects. Even its first presence in the country was welcomed by the Indonesian people so that the Honda Prospect Moto